An Augmented Analytics platform and Service 4.0 Solution for Predictive Maintenance of X-Ray Systems with valuable benefits for End-Users, Service Providers and Manufacturers

Innovate to Succeed

PMT4NIIS™ for X-Ray security systems is a remote asset management Service 4.0 digital solution, which comprises Industrial IoT devices and proprietary software, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms. The platform offers the world’s first predictive maintenance approach in the NIIS (non-intrusive inspection systems) for X-Ray security industry with efficiency and financial benefits for End-Users, Service Providers and Manufacturers.

Predictive maintenance with PMT4NIIS™ fundamentally transforms the way services are offered and delivered, by bringing forth a next-generation maintenance solution for users ranging from airports, ports, and customs, to border control authorities.

PMT4NIIS™ is a decision support system for the resolution management of events, incidents and problems that occur in the most critical system components. The solution provides real-time monitoring of equipment technical state, powered by Smart AI technology for system-state condition monitoring and automatic early-warning alerts that allow for a proactive timely response.

Performance maintenance is elevated to the highest service excellence standards with a 24/7 Service Desk, BI Dashboard and professional Knowledge Base for troubleshooting.

PMT4NIIS™ for X-Ray security systems as advanced technology has the potential to significantly improve asset performance KPIs in terms of unplanned downtime, NIIS maintenance cost, and increased availability.


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    Industrial IoT Data Transfer Technology

    To access data, previously impossible to be collected automatically

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    Big Data Infrastructure

    Collecting real-time data for analytics, diagnostics and forecasting

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    BI Dashboards

    NIIS components’ status presented via UI, tailored for specific user groups

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    Predictive ability

    To forecast condition, combining different raw data sources, via AI and data science algorithms


PMT4NIIS™ Solution covers the NIIS major applications – aviation security, customs and cross-border inspections- with carefully selected high priority NIIS models from high priority NIIS series:

Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDS) for inspection of cabin baggage


Explosive Detection Systems for Cabin Baggage


Automatic Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) for inspection of hold baggage

Cargo Inspection System (CIS) for inspection of large cargo, containers, vehicles, trucks, train sets